Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Great Banyan Tree

Botanically known as Ficus Benghalensis, the Great Banyan tree is located in Howarh district of West Bengal(near to Kolkata). It is 250 years old. It has circumference of 1.08km, highest branch till 24.5 meters and has 2880 aerial roots which gives it a look of collection of trees – could be called a mini forest !

Uniquely it does not have main trunk, which had to be removed in 1925 as it has decayed but the tree is still perfect vigour. It is listed in Guinness Book of world records. Though there is no history of its planting but is mentioned in travel books in nineteenth century. Pictures from a distance, and with its roots on the road and within its compound, taken from within the mini forest !


Animesh Kundu said...

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