Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary

Tree at Chintamani kar bird sancutary
Bushbrown butterfly on a leaf at Chintamani

A moth on a leaf at Chintamani

Signage at the entrance of it being named as Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary
Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary, is home to a great variety of birds, butterflies, epiphytes, ferns and orchids. It is located to the west of Netaji Subhas Road connecting Garia with Baruipur in the Rajpur area in southern Kolkata. Locally known as 'Kayaler Bagan', the Sanctuary is close to Ramkrishna Mission Institute, Narendrapur. It was notified as a sanctuary in 1982, and then notified as Narendrapur Wildlife Sanctuary on 8th September 2004 and later renamed as Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary in year 2005.
The Sanctuary was named after the noted sculpture Sri Chintamoni Kar, who along with many local people and many NGO's fought tirelessly for a decades to obtain wildlife sanctuary status for 'Kayaler Bagan'. Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary is also an orchard covered with local fruit trees-many over a hundred years old. It is open 0700 hrs -1600 hrs and one has to pay Rs 15.00 as ticket to its entrance. There is no parking zone, if you go on your own vehicle, it will have to park on the road outside the sanctuary.


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